Geno Ramos
Co-Owner, Creatve Director,
Videography, Photography, Graphic Design

I took a passion in this industry when the iPhone made it cool to take close up food pictures and never left. Self taught with a never ending curiosity of creating and exploring.


Dev P.


Videography, Photography

My journey began with taking photos of sunrises off the back of a delivery truck, while making mixtapes for my first passion, Basketball. Currently residing in the SF Bay Area.




Videography, Photography, Graphic Design

Iʼve always had an interest creating whether it be music, photos, videos or graphics. Always looking for new ways to express myself as a creatve.





My passion for photography began as a kid when my grandmother bought me my first camera and taught me about how a photo “Captures moments in time for one to revisit and evoke emotion.” Ever since that moment, Iʼve make it my mission to channel that same energy into my work, one photo at a time.



Graphic Designer, Audio Production, Music Service

During his time in college, playing Division 1 baseball and pursuing a B.S. in Computer Science, is when he discovered graphic design. It was not until he decided to start a clothing brand that Till decided to take this craft more serious.



Video Editor / Videography

I fell in love with the art of filmmaking at a time when I was feeling lost, not knowing what my true passion was after basketball. I started off making videos with my iPhone and the feeling of putting my footage onto the timeline, learning new editing techniques and pressing "export" for the first time was a feeling I always sought out ever since.