Behind the scenes look of what it's like to be on set with the crew! This production was shot for one of our clients. Big shoutout to all of our cast and crew members for making this all happen.

Camera: Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K

Lenses: Sigma Cine Lenses

Client: MM Online Tax Services

Location: Empire Barbershop(Hercules)

G&E: Little Giant Lighting SF

Director: Devin Penix

DP: Mike Fermin

Camera Operator: Geno Ramos

Gaffer: Carlos Gonzalez

Grip: Angel Hernandez

Sound: Brandon Masangcay

PA: Ian Fagalar

Colorist: Mike Fermin

Editor: Geno Ramos

BTS Video: Kieem Baker

BTS Photo: Jael Liwanag

MUA: Kiani Bernal

Male Talent: Ramon Christopher

Female Talent: Karina Duran

Extras: Ariana Sade, Lexie Sigur, Brandon Hunt, Michael Smith

shot by Dev

Congratulations to Alda and Josh for joining their families and celebrating their love.

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